How to Simply Decorate Your Red Bedroom Walls?

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A lot of people love to have the nice looking red bedroom walls. Unfortunately, the plain red color for the bedroom wall can be considered as something that is not nice. If you are thinking about the nice bedroom wall in red color, then you might want to consider having some nice decorations for the wall. If you want, you can try some of these decoration ideas to make your red wall looks great in the bedroom.

The first idea is to use wallpaper. This can be considered as the easiest thing that you can do to have the nice looking bedroom wall in red color. You can pick any kind of motif and design for the wallpaper. However, if you want to have the nice looking red wall, then you will need to focus on the red color for the wallpaper.

Another thing that you can do to have the nice looking red bedroom walls is to add some vinyl. This kind of wall decorating ideas will not require a lot of money. You just need to buy the vinyl and apply it on the wall. However, you will need a little sense of art when you want to apply the vinyl. That is because to have the nice looking design is not easy. If you want, you can simply browse on the internet for many interesting ideas.

The last one is to simply pick some simple decorations that you can simply apply to the wall. You can find many kinds of mirrors, hanging decorations, or some other things that will look great for the bedroom wall in red color. If you want something simple, then this kind of decoration is the best that you can use for your red bedroom walls. So, which one you will choose for your bedroom wall?

How to Simply Decorate Your Red Bedroom Walls?

red bedroom walls painting ideas
red bedroom walls painting ideas

Deciding to paint your bedroom walls an enticing shade of red requires weighing pros and cons from how the bold color choice impacts resale value to its invigorating effects on mood. Factors like existing furnishings, lighting and room proportions also determine if going all-in on fire engine red or lighter candy apple hues for your intimate space harmonizes or clashes.

Understanding red paint’s intensity paved the way for this comprehensive post exploring complementary furniture and bedding combinations allowing the color to feel sexy, elegant or sweet depending on your preferred decorative style. Prepping walls properly beforehand and opting for flat or eggshell finishes keeps red bedroom walls looking richly saturated for years with gentle care and touch ups.

Seeing real-world examples brought red’s adaptable nature to life, proving pairing crimson tones from dramatic burgundy to cheery cherry red with strategic black, white and wood accents strikes stylistic balance. Clean whites and spare embellishments allow red to shine as the star attraction without overwhelming rooms of any size.

Common concerns like red paint’s cost, sleep effects and space considerations also got addressed. While intense red walls directly around a bed may keep some awake, as an accent wall or hallway stunner its vitalizing virtues energize. Sticking to one bold red wall allows sleeping chambers to maintain a peaceful aura.

Hopefully the decision making barriers preventing passionately painting your walls red got dismantled by this thorough post. Follow the tips and visual examples to begin manifesting a bedroom oasis as sensually stimulating as Cleopatra’s luxurious quarters or as playfully inviting as a child’s whimsical hideaway. Red paint holds the power to transform spaces from everyday to extraordinary no matter their existing footprint or architecture.

Should You Paint Your Bedroom Walls Red?

red and white bedroom wall ideas
red and white bedroom wall ideas

Red is a bold and intense color that elicits strong reactions. Painting your bedroom walls crimson red or another fiery shade is a daring décor choice that can feel energizing yet cozy when done right. However, such a brazen wall color is not for everyone or for every bedroom. There are a few key factors to consider before taking the red bedroom wall plunge.

Pros of Red Bedroom Walls

There are excellent reasons why painting bedroom walls red can be worth it:

  • Bold and Dramatic: Vibrant red walls make a strong style statement and instantly become the focal point of any room. Red transforms your sleeping space into a bold, lively oasis.
  • Energizing and Invigorating: Red is an energizing shade often associated with passion, strength, and excitement. Studies show just glimpsing the color red can elevate heart rate and brain activity. Red bedroom walls can help you wake up feeling alert.
  • Cozy and Warm: Deep red walls can also create a warm, welcoming look and feel in bedrooms, especially if you choose red tones with a bit of brown or orange like brick reds and burgundies. These earthy red shades feel cozy and comforting.
  • Increased Privacy: The eye-catching allure of crimson or cherry red walls minimizes attention on you. If your bedroom lacks privacy from house guests, red walls shift the focus to the vibrant backdrop.
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Cons of Red Bedroom Walls

However, there are also a few potential drawbacks of opting for red bedroom walls to consider:

  • Intense Color: Such a brave, lively shade may feel too intense as the predominant color in a room where relaxation is key. If you prefer subtle, neutral bedrooms, a red accent wall may be better than painting all four walls red.
  • Resale Value Concerns: While on-trend today, red walls could turn off home buyers down the road. Dark red walls can also show scuffs more easily than lighter neutrals. Repainting before selling may be necessary.
  • Makes Room Feel Smaller: Because red draws the eye, it can emphasize boundaries. This makes red walls feel tighter in already small bedrooms, though large rooms with high ceilings can offset this effect.

Now that you know the upsides and downsides, here are some key factors to weigh before picking up red paint swatches for your bedroom walls:

  • Existing Furniture and Decor: Choose red walls that coordinate with existing furnishings and decor so that nothing clashes. Red walls stand out best against black and white backdrops.
  • Natural Lighting: Red walls work best in rooms with ample sunlight. North-facing rooms may feel too dark and cave-like with such a dramatic, mood-lifting shade.

Different Shades of Red Paint for Bedrooms

red walls in master bedroom
red walls in master bedroom

If you decide to paint your bedroom walls red, there are countless rich red tones and shades to choose from. The red hue you ultimately select will drastically impact the overall look, feel and style of your sleeping space. Here is an overview of popular red color varieties to consider before making a decision:

Warm Red Tones

Burgundies – Deep wine-inspired reds like burgundy, bordeaux and merlot create bedrooms with a formal, vintage personality. These darker reds seem tailor-made for luxe textures like velvet and brocade.

Terra Cottas – Earthy terra cotta reds influenced by clay and Italian pottery offer a soothing, grounded look. Softer than true reds, this warm rustic shade breathes life into Bohemian, Tuscan and Southwestern style rooms.

Brick Red – As the name suggests, this classic reddish-brown resembles bricks. It’s ideal for farmhouse, rustic and industrial bedrooms. Brick red paint has orange undertones that keep energy levels elevated.

Cool Red Tones

Crimson – Crimson red is a vivid blue-based red that famously graces Harvard’s school color palette and regal British palaces. Its commanding royal flair pairs nicely with ornate gold accents and dark wood furniture.

Cherry – Derived from cherrywood, this medium-depth red with cool purple undertones reminds many of the flesh inside cherries. Its richness energizes bedrooms while maintaining an air of sweet sophistication.

Cranberry – Deeper than cherry red, cranberry red leans slightly more purple with brazen blue undertones. Its lush wine-inspired vibrancy instantly becomes a bedroom’s crowning jewel, especially alongside reflective metals.

Ruby – This long-beloved gemstone red speaks luxury from every angle. Its freakishly flawless allure stems from subtle orange tones. Ruby red bedroom walls provide showstopping elegance without overpowering a space.

When mulling red bedroom wall colors, also consider depth. Deeper shades like oxblood red and red wine make intimate cocoons while still popping. Lighter clean reds like fire engine red and candy apple red keep energy levels elevated. Balance light and dark red bedroom walls with neutral furniture and bedding so the powerful paint shade stays the star attraction.

Combining Red Walls with Furniture and Decor

red and yellow bedroom walls
red and yellow bedroom walls

The key to a successful red bedroom lies within properly balancing vibrant crimson walls with coordinating furniture and decor. An eclectic mix of patterns, textures and accent colors helps prevent an all-red room from feeling too abrasive or intense.

Best Furniture Colors for Red Walls

Black – Sophisticated black furniture provides an elegant contrast to fiery red walls. From modern black lacquer beds to carved ebony wood antiques, dark accents ground red’s unbridled energy.

White – Crisp white furnishings keep bedrooms looking light and airy against brazen ruby red or lighter cherry red backdrops. White also illuminates red’s electrifying allure for maximum visual voltage.

Wood Tones – Rich brown wood furniture adds organic warmth, whether in sleek minimalist beds or heavy hand-carved case goods. Distressed wood with orange undertones boosts red’s stimulative effects.

Metallics – Shimmering gold, silver and copper furniture and accents intensify red’s lavishness. Mirrored and glass furnishings also refract light around a red room for dazzling dimension.

Bedding for Red Walls

While red walls mesmerize on their own, smart bedding choices expand their striking magnetism:

  • White Bedding – Crisp solid white or subtly patterned white bedding keeps the focus on surround sound red walls rather than the bed itself. White bedding against red walls channels effortless Mediterranean style.
  • Black and Gray – Just like black furniture, deep charcoal and black bedding dramatizes red’s visual voltage for an indulgently sexy, vampy look. Steel gray balances red’s heat with refined strength.
  • Accent Colors – Pops of chartreuse, turquoise or golden yellow bedding and pillows make red walls energetically sing. Accent colors introduce playfulness into grown-up red rooms.
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Decorating with Red Walls

Art, mirrors and fabrics send red walls over the decorative edge:

  • Mirrors – Strategically placed mirrors reflect red light around bedrooms for an electrifying effect. Framed beveled mirrors scatter red rays for amplified energy.
  • Artwork – Choose fine art and prints predominantly showcasing white, black, metallics or wood. Red walls already make a bold artsy statement so artwork should provide serene balance.
  • Fabrics – Layer in subtle patterns featuring whites and neutrals. Red walls shine brighter when contrasted with fluid sheer curtains, fluffy shag rugs and cashmere throws.

Rather than testing your red wall limits with overbearing patterns and colors, adhere to this “less is more” decorative motto so red radiates. Next we will explore the actual prep work and painting process for incarnating your perfect red bedroom walls.

Prep and Paint Red Bedroom Walls

black and red bedroom walls
black and red bedroom walls

Preparing walls properly before painting is crucial for getting flawless, long-lasting results with red bedroom walls. Follow these essential steps when prepping for the painting process:

Prep Red Walls to Paint

Fill Holes & Imperfections – Start by filling nail holes, cracks and other damaged spots with spackle compound. Let dry completely then sand smooth.

Clean Surfaces – Wipe down existing red walls with TSP cleaner if repainting to remove grease and soap scum buildup. Clean new drywall with a microfiber cloth.

Remove Outlet Covers – Take off all light switch and outlet covers before painting red bedroom walls to avoid mishaps. Cover plates with painters tape if unable to fully remove.

Tape Trim – Use painters tape to mask off baseboards, door trim, window frames and molding before painting walls red. Protect adjacent ceilings and floors too.

Spot Prime if Needed – If painting over an existing deeper red shade with a lighter red hue, apply a tinted primer first on any visible areas to help new red paint adhere and cover properly.

Paint Red Bedroom Wall Tips

Choose Sheen – Flat or matte red paint hides imperfections best but shows scuffs over time. Eggshell offers soft glow without totally hiding texture. Semi-gloss makes cleaning easier but shows more flaws.

Cut Clean Lines – Use a small trim brush for cutting in edges along ceilings, baseboards, trim and corners before rolling red paint onto main wall space. Take time cutting in for pro results.

Roll Walls Systematically – Use a quality roller cover and work in sections starting from the top down, rolling in “W” and “V” patterns without overspreading for seamless, even coverage.

Check Lighting – Inspect freshly painted red walls under both natural daylight and artificial lighting to catch any unevenness or missed spots. Touch up as needed while paint is still wet for invisible patches.

Let the red bedroom wall paint cure fully before rehanging wall art and belongings for minimal disturbance. Keep the room well-ventilated as red paint dries for proper curing.

Maintaining Red Bedroom Walls

red bedroom accent wall ideas
red bedroom accent wall ideas

Once your red bedroom walls are fully transformed, taking proper care of them ensures your bold paint color stays vibrant for years before needing touch ups. Follow these red wall maintenance tips:

Touch Up Scuffs – Being a lively, energizing paint shade, red bedroom walls tend to show scuffs from moving furniture or art around more noticeably than mellow paint colors. Keep red paint on hand for quickly touching up any nicks. Match sheen level to seamlessly blend touch ups.

Clean Gently – Strong cleaners like alkaline chemicals and abrasives are too harsh for painted red bedroom walls. Instead gently wipe with soft microfiber cloths dampened in fresh water with a small amount of mild dish soap added. Too much moisture can stain red bedroom walls so wring cloths well first.

Diffuse Light – Bright direct sunlight shining on red bedroom walls day after day can cause fading over time. Diffuse natural light by hanging lightweight curtains. For skylights and windows lacking coverings, arrange furniture like bookcases and beds below them to block excessive light exposure and protect rich red color.

With proper prep, painting and maintenance, a red bedroom decorated in well-balanced accents and furnishings can remain an electrifying sight for years. If considering making over your blank canvas bedroom walls red but aren’t quite convinced, seeing real world examples may prove this daring color choice’s stunning potential. Keep reading for gorgeous red bedroom wall inspiration!

red and cream walls bedroom interior design
red and cream walls bedroom interior design

If you love bold, brazen red but question whether painting all four bedroom walls crimson might be too intense, seeing real-world examples can help overcome uncertainties. Here are beautiful red bedrooms showcasing trendy looks to inspire picking up that paint brush for a red-hot remake:

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Ruby Red Accent Wall

Painting just one accent wall in a smoldering ruby red tone leaves three lighter walls providing balance. Styling the red feature wall behind the headboard makes it feel enveloping without overwhelming. Pair with black and white bedding for contemporary edge.

Dramatic Dark Red Walls

For serious drama, go for deep wine-inspired hues like merlot or burgundy on all four walls and the ceiling too. Dark red bedroom walls feel rich and cocooning surrounded by contrasting light wood nightstands and a soft white duvet topping the bed.

Cherry Red and Wood

Warmer cherry red walls with hints of orange paired with all-wood furniture and a simple white coverlet looks comfortably bold. Distressed wood nightstands play up the red wall color’s fiery glow. Add modern art prints as sharp black and white contrasts.

Sophisticated Brick Red

Understated brick red walls vibe elegant and casual beside an upholstered tufted headboard. White bedding keeps things light while a bold black and gold art print above the bed dramatizes brick red’s muted vigor with a punch of metallic brightness.

Red bedroom walls offer incredible versatility whether you go for an apple red accent wall adding playful pop or deeper oxblood red surround sound drama. Just stick to a less is more motto with decorators resisting busy patterns that compete with your new red backdrop.

Now that you’ve seen stunning red bedrooms, next we will go over common concerns and questions about painting your walls this provocative color.

FAQs About Painting Bedroom Walls Red

Deciding whether painting your bedroom walls an energizing red is right for you likely raises some questions about the reality of living with this brazen color. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about red walls in bedrooms:

Is red paint more expensive? On average red paint costs about the same as other mid-tone paint colors, roughly $25-50 per gallon. Darker reds may require an extra coat adding slightly more expense while very light reds can cover sufficiently in one coat. Always prime new drywall first when painting walls red.

Is red paint stimulating for sleep? Yes, red is known to elevate heart rate and energize the mind so extremely vivid shades right around the bed can make falling asleep extra challenging for sensitive people. Opt for softer muted reds or reserve red for just one accent wall to minimize sleep disruption.

Does red make a room look smaller? Much depends on the existing size and lighting levels. Red draws the eye inward more than lighter wall colors which can emphasize boundaries in already cramped bedrooms. Brighter reds also reflect less light which makes windowless rooms appear more compressed. Stick to one red accent wall in small, contained bedrooms.

What colors go well with red walls? Black and white are classic contrasts able to balance red’s riotous impact. Wood tones also befriend red walls for natural warmth along with metallics like gold, copper and silver. As for fabrics, stick to solids and subtle prints predominantly showcasing white and neutral colors so red still steals attention.

For even more answers about successfully rocking red bedroom walls while avoiding pitfalls, check out this comprehensive guide going over all considerations in detail from painting prep to decorating ideas. With strategic planning and savvy design choices, passionate rouge walls can electrify bedrooms without overwhelming their serene purpose.


So, should You Paint Your Bedroom Walls Red? In the end, painting your bedroom walls an audacious shade of ripe red or subdued burgundy comes down to personal taste and lifestyle factors. For design risk-takers craving an electrifying backdrop conducive to passion and romance behind closed doors, red bedroom walls deliver. More cautious types favoring zen-inducing environments may want to test the waters first with a single ruby red accent wall before coating every surface crimson.

No matter which camp you currently fall into, understanding both the pros and cons of bringing this bold color into your private sleep space allows for deciding if venturing beyond safe neutrals is worth the plunge. Remember, paint can always be recoated down the road should the initial thrill of red bedroom walls lose luster after a few years. Proper prep work ensures red layers adhere smoothly when the time for reinvention arises.

For more inspiration on dramatically dressing bedrooms in sultry red hues, check out our guides to choosing paint sheens, popular color combinations, correctly prepping for painting projects and decorating with vibrant color schemes. Keep in mind, just because red walls may not be right for your master suite does not mean they couldn’t spice up a hallway, home office or child’s playroom instead. Red paint delivers daring drama wherever applied with taste and restraint.

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